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  • Astronomical Telescope Lenses
    Telescope B6
    Telescope B5
    Telescope B4
    Telescope B3
    Telescope B2
    Telescope B1
    Telescope A1
    Telescope A
    Astronomical Telescope Lenses C1
    Astronomical Telescope Lenses B-1
    Astronomical Telescope Lenses B2
    Astronomical Telescope Lenses B1
    Astronomical Telescope Lenses AA
    Astronomical Telescope Lenses A2-2
    Astronomical Telescope Lenses A2
    Astronomical Telescope Lenses A1-1
    Astronomical Telescope Lenses A1
    Telescope B
    Astronomical Telescope Lenses C
    Astronomical Telescope Lenses B
  • Gun Sight Lenses
    Gun Sight Lenses 1
    Gun Sight Lenses 2
  • Spotting scope Lenses
    Spotting scope Lenses 8
    Spotting scope Lenses 7
    Spotting scope Lenses 6
    Spotting scope Lenses 5
    Spotting scope Lenses 4
    Spotting scope Lenses 3
    Spotting scope Lenses 2
    Spotting scope Lenses 1
  • Microscope Lenses
    Microscope Lenses B2
    Microscope Lenses B1
    Microscope Lenses A3
    Microscope Lenses A2
    Microscope Lenses B
    Microscope Lenses A
  • Digital Camera Lenses
    Digital Camera Lenses 6
    Digital Camera Lenses 5
    Digital Camera Lenses 4
    Digital Camera Lenses 3
    Digital Camera Lenses 2
    Digital Camera Lenses 1
  • Measuring Instrument Lenses
    Measuring Instrument Lenses D2
    Measuring Instrument Lenses D1
    Measuring Instrument Lenses C3
    Measuring Instrument Lenses C2
    Measuring Instrument Lenses C1
    Measuring Instrument Lenses 3
    Measuring Instrument Lenses A1
    Measuring Instrument Lenses 2
    Measuring Instrument Lenses 1
    Measuring Instrument Lenses
    Measuring Instrument Lenses C
    Measuring Instrument Lenses B
    Measuring Instrument Lenses A
    Infrared cut-off filter
  • Products
    About Us
    Chengdu Daxin Optical Instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional optical finishing enterprises, registered capital of 150 million yuan, covers an area of more than 3000 square meters, is located in the China National Chengdu Economic and Technological Development Zone Donghua Road on the 8th. The company with the telescope, the telescope, the telescope, the observation lens, the microscope, the digital c…

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